In 2016, Actor/Director Nathan D. Myers, (Aria Appleton, Washington’s Armor, Treasure Coast Talent, The Clutts Agency etc..) and his Actor/Instructor wife, D’Lytha Myers (Aria Appleton, Rain, Core Talent, etc…) launched the Fort Worth Actors Studio in Fort Worth, Texas. Inspired by famous studios in LA and New York, and cajoled by friends and fans in need of great classes, Nathan D. & D’Lytha set out to become DFW’s premiere destination for safe, quality, acting for camera education. As the studio expanded under the support of professional friends and passionate students, it became clear that online education was the future, so the brand expanded in 2020, offering courses online as FWASForward.com AND also ForwardActors.com.  This service is an online extension of what students can experience live in DFW. Courses online include some of our FWAS core curriculum — information we believe EVERY actor should have if attempting to build a sustainable career plus, we’ve added zoom friendly workshops like our Screenwriting Bootcamp with Jason Davidson.

Like many private acting studios, ours is rooted in Stanislavski theory which branches out through the teaching methodologies of many of his students and admirers. We also offer training in Meisner, Cold Reading, and various TV film styles.

Our classes have high-quality, pre-recorded modules wherein you’ll find much of the curriculum. In order to participate, students should review the format for each class, duration, etc… and decide if the class format, dates, and times work for them. Modules are set up for a lot of self-study, but you are never alone. An Instructor and a group zoom call accompany each module–even when you have prerecorded modules to watch. Most classes are for Ages 13 and up. But each class has an age specification. FWActors.com is still advertising an online kids class which is not posted at fwasforward.com Please inquire with dlytha@fwactors.com before registering for kids classes.

FWAS is a boldly a Christian-owned and operated company with a mission to provide safe, family-friendly classes, inspiring students to use their gifts and talents to make light and make good. And while we can’t control every moment of live and zoom calls and classes, we encourage all of our guest instructors and students to treat their work as divine privilege. After all, Stanislavski, himself said, “Actors are the ‘priests of art.’

The only way FORWARD is UP! And we look FORWARD to serving you!

Nathan D. Myers, Director

For more information about Fort Worth Actors Studio, visit: www.fwactors.com and learn about past workshop and guest Instructors including, but not limited to: Abbie Cobb, Eric Nelsen, Andrea Avery Ray, and more.