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I’m Actor/Director, Nathan D. Myers, Studio Director. Please read on! One might say that the best acting classes have always been in-person, group acting classes, but a solid and safe, live acting class experience is often limited to locations like neighborhood acting studios in LA or New York, and even then the quality and experience there can be a hodge podge. Believe us, we know. It’s one reason my wife and I started a live studio in an underserved market in Dallas Fort Worth, years ago, (Fort Worth Actors Studio) and it’s the very reason we eventually moved online as FWASForward.com People everywhere are hungry for safe, quality acting classes; and the internet is helping us reach a larger audience with quality education. We had our doubts, but we also didn’t realize how cool a Zoom acting class could be till we tried it! The online experience also allows us address the ever increasing need for self-tape auditions and monologue work as actors prepare for and audition online for Casting Directors all over the world.

An acting class with integrity also includes a professional Actor-Instructor with boots-on-the-ground, on-set experience as well as the ability to communicate well to students. Not all Actors should be teaching after all, though I know a few who try. Teaching and Acting are both gifts, and not every Actor or Teacher would necessarily excel at both. But ForwardActors.com is a great place where kids, teens, and adults can find Acting and Arts Industry Instructors with real-world reputations, set experience, AND a teaching gift. Moreover, our teachers tend to be downright perceptive & grounded people from whom you could learn a lot more than just acting.

Here’s what some people have said about FWAS classes in our FIVE YEARS OF FIVE STAR Google reviews:

Excellent instructors. Great compassionate, caring environment to learn in. I am an introverted, shy person and taking classes as well as boot camp really helped me come out of my shell and conquer my fear of public speaking. Nathan really takes the time for his students. I met a lot of great, genuine people as well.

~ Anonymous

My experience with FWAS can only be described as “FANTASTIC!” …I like to do my homework before I make a purchase and every wonderful thing I heard and read about Nathan and this studio came true. This place is very special and I recommend it to those that respect the art of acting.

~ Ron

…or something like this:

Attended Cold Read Bootcamp and in three days, my life and acting has been changed! This studio is such a loving, encouraging environment that I found myself almost immediately comfortable. Nathan is an incredible teacher and caring soul. As someone with autism, I thought doing what I did at bootcamp was impossible but in 3 days I learned nothing is!

~ Rachel

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